3M Cloth Gaffa Tape 1910C

By 3M

3M™ Cloth Gaffa Tape 1910C is the tape you can trust to seal, mask, hold, patch, reinforce and repair. 

An essential product for everyday use, this multi use tape tears easily, applies smoothly and sticks to many surfaces.

Applications of 3M™ Cloth Gaffa Tape 1910C

  • Seaming carpet padding 
  • Taping down electrical cords 
  • Hinging post board panels 
  • Hanging polyethylene sheeting 
  • Industrial masking 
  • Taping and splicing insulation

Benefits of 3M™ Cloth Gaffa Tape 1910C

  • Cost effective tape available in 50m rolls 
  • Easy to handle and apply 
  • Provides a weather resistant seal 
  • Versatile and reliable

Available Sizes

  • 48mm X 10m Black and Silver 
  • 48mm X 50m Black and Silver