Solenoid Valves & Manifolds: 4&5 Port- SJ

By SMC Corporation (Australia)

Originally developed for the semiconductor industry, SMC´s latest SJ2000/3000 cassette type 4 port solenoid valves provide both space and energy savings for specialist machine builders. Available in two compact sizes the SJ2000 measures just 7.5mm wide with its larger SJ 3000 model at still only 10mm, these new 4 port solenoid valves have been designed in a cassette type format and use a card-edge type connector. Smaller in size than SMC´s existing SZ Series by almost 40% and 30% respectively, both SJ2000 and SJ3000 can be combined in the same manifold which can provide up to 24 stations and 32 solenoids. Compatible with Serial Interface units for both CC-Link and DeviceNet protocols, the valves feature a special lock switch mechanism to ensure that they are secure locked together and to prevent accidental operation of the manual override. Ease of maintenance has been assured with simple addition, removal and replacement of individual valve stations, and with a power supply shut-off switch each valve can be individually de-energised for adjustment and simple replacement. Early research has indicated that both the SJ2000 and SJ3000 valves offer impressive energy savings of up to 62% and 75% respectively when compared with SMC´s existing SZ solenoid Series.