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Wed Apr 24 2019

Solenoid Valves & Manifolds: 3 Port- VKF

By SMC Pneumatics

Compact with large flow rateBody width 18mm: Nl/min 245 (Standard: Base mounted type) Nl/min 196 (Standard: Body ported type). Can be used for vacuum(–101.2kPa):(valve leakage 1.8 Nl/min or less with He)Can be used in vacuum/release circuits. Universal porting type: N.C./N.O. type can be switched by supplying air to port 1(P) or 3(R).2 way valves and selector valves can also be freely used. Ozone resistant(Series 80-): FKM (fluororubber) is used for the fluid-contact rubber materials, allowing use even in ozone environments. Various manifold piping directions: Output port: Manifold set-up allowing 360° rotation of 2(A) entry direction (in 90° increments). Easy manual operation : Since manual overrides are located in 2 directions, on the top and on the side of the valve, manual override operation is possible unaffected by mounting space and piping direction, etc.