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Sun Jun 16 2019

Solenoid Valves & Manifolds: 2 Port- SGC

By SMC Pneumatics

With the advantages of increased productivity and improved cutting efficiency, high speed machining is now becoming the accepted industry trend. However one disadvantage of this approach is the need for increased coolant flow requiring additional power consumption. With extensive energy saving experience, R&D engineers from SMC, the world’s leading automation experts recognised this problem and their new Series SGC coolant valve, with both CE and RoHS accreditation, now provides the perfect, fast machine tool, answer. Due to the SGC’s unique scraper, squeeze seal, grease channel and dry bearing construction, tests have already confirmed that the valve’s service life will exceed 5 million cycles. Impressively, power consumption has also been reduced by up to 92% and flow rates have been improved by 20 – 30% compared to SMC’s existing VNC range. Further design features include the introduction of a built-in magnet which allows auto switches to be fitted enabling you to confirm whether the valve is open or closed. Available as air or pilot operated, the current SGC Series can be ordered in three body sizes with Kv factors of 5,5, 10.1 and 15.7 respectively and normally closed, or normally open options. Three pressure range specifications are also available and four port sizes can be selected in either Rc, G, NPT or NPTF thread options.