Electric Actuators: LZ Series


Machine builders looking for a simple electric cylinder that can operate like a pneumatic cylinder, now have the answer following the launch of the new Series LZ from automation control experts SMC. Available in two body types, with both lead screw and motors size options, the twelve model LZ Series cylinder range are all powered by 24VDC motors which provide both stable and efficient end to end performance. Designed for use with a LC3F Directional Control Driver that can be operated just like a solenoid valve, using simple on/off signals, operational speeds of up to 200mm/s and thrusts up to 196N are possible. Additional performance features of the LC3F unit are that output thrust can be easily altered by simply adjusting its fully integrated trimmer switch. With multiple mounting choices including foot, front flange and front trunnion and either fully or partly covered cylinder body options, stroke lengths can be selected up to 200mm which further confirms that the new LZ Electric Cylinder range is the perfect solution for simple, end to end, applications without the need for compressed air.