Actuator Accessories: Auto Switch- Trimmer Switch

By SMC Pneumatics

When engineers from SMC Pneumatics, the world leaders in automation control, recognised that applications involving pick and place or quality control could benefit from better sensor detection, their extensive research and development team went into action. Thanks to their efforts, European machine builders can now incorporate the most cost- effective Trimmer Auto Switches into their machines – SMC Series D-#7K / D-R#K. Previously, machines builders requiring high and low actuator end stroke detection had to use two separate sensors. This often required extensive set up time and in some cases resulted in less than accurate switch placement. However, by adopting this new solid state auto switch, with its two independently adjusted outputs, it’s simply no longer the case. By setting the outputs using trimmers, via an amplifier, just one auto switch can now accurately distinguish up to three different sized work pieces with detection differences from as little as 0.5mm with a repeatability of ± 0.2mm. Connected using an e-con type connector, both the sensor and the amplifier units can be quickly replaced should the need arise and the mounting options include direct and DIN rail mounted amplifier and direct or rail mounted sensor options. Designed to be used with over ten different SMC air operated actuators and grippers, the sensor and the amplifier units have IP67 and IP40 enclosure protection respectively.