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Gladiator Technologies is a leading designer and manufacturer of world class high performance MEMS Gyros & Accelerometers, Systems and Integrated GPS based on their over 100 years experiences. 

Gyros (gyroscopes) sensors are devices that sense angular velocity (degrees per second). An angular rate sensor is used whenever rate of turn measurement is required without a fixed point of reference and speed of rotation is measured in “inertial space”.

Non-rotating MEMS Gyro is developed to replace the mechanical gyro with spinning parts to overcome the problems associated with issues as reliability, fragility, weight, wear, backlash, overall life and power consumption.


  • performance MEMS inertial sensor;
  • Inertial grade accelerometers, systems (IMU’s, INS/GPS) for commercial & military applications;
  • Ring Laser Gyros (RLG), Fibre Optic Gyros (FOG), Dynamically Tuned Gyros (DTG), Amorphous and crystalline quartz accelerometers, Quartz MEMS rate sensors, Silicon MEMS accelerometers, gyros and multi-sensors.

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