Piezoelectric Accelerometers

By Bestech Australia

Piezoelectric Accelerometers are made of piezoceramics (e.g. lead zirconate titanate), single crystals (e.g. quartz, tourmaline), or, for high-temperature operation, tourmaline or lithium niobate featuring high frequency and temperature range while low weight in package. Piezoelectric accelerometers are designed for general vibration measurement and ideal for dynamic measurements in lightweight structures. Piezoelectric accelerometer utilises the Piezoelectric Effect of certain materials to measure dynamic changes in mechanical variables. (e.g. acceleration, vibration, and mechanical shock), it is widely accepted as the best choice for measuring absolute vibration and used in many scientific and industrial applications as predictive maintenance, aerospace, automotive, medical and process control.
Meggitt piezoelectric accelerometers are charge mode accelerometers that requires use of an external charge amplifier, allowing for reliable operation over wider temperature and amplitude ranges. Piezoelectric accelerometers are ideal choices for acceleration, shock and vibration measurements, due to their wide frequency range, easy installation, and multiple options in shapes, weights, size, and sensitivities. Special purpose piezoelectric accelerometers are also available for flight test, extreme low-and high-temperatures and radiation environments. 
Meggit Endevco® has successfully designed and manufactured shock accelerometers with built-in mechanical filter. This piezoelectric accelerometer features both an input mechanical filter and an electronic low-pass filter for sensor isolation and maximum bandwidth. Based on a well-established piezoelectric shock sensor, this accelerometer features a captive mechanical filter arrangement. Compared to the model of an external filter, this unique design provides mechanical isolation to the sensor (m) from all sides. High frequency energy, in the sensitive and transverse directions, is filtered by the isolation material, leaving the sensing element with only the pass-band signals. In addition, the transducer’s external housing keeps the entire assembly together in case of excessive shock input.
Highlights for Piezoelectric accelerometers:
Extremely wide dynamic range, low output noise
Suitable for shock and vibration measurement
Excellent linearity over dynamic range
Acceleration signal can be integrated to provide velocity and displacement
Wide frequency range
Compact, non-contact design
Highly sensitive
Self-generating – no external power required
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