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  1. Barriers & Bollards

    The RS5, RS5 High Density, RS6 and RS6 High Density Roller Shutters offer a smart design that allows users to cover larger openings in one piece and at the same time ensure optimal security.

  2. Barriers & Bollards

    The Australian Trellis Door Co has one of the most space efficient Permashield folding closures on the market.

  3. Barriers & Bollards

    The S06™ Concertina Security Door is great for protecting banks, shop fronts, hotel bars, closed warehouse areas, government buildings, hospitals, clubs, sports arenas, airports, railway stations, heritage buildings,factory and warehouse loading d

  4. Barriers & Bollards

    ATDC™’s curved stacking doors are suitable for securing curved or circular apertures such as curved counter tops, reception counters, restaurants, shop-fronts, shopping centre walkways, convention centres and venues, canteens, and office building

  5. Barriers & Bollards

    ATDC™’s S05-1™ Steel Security Concertina door is one of the strongest trellis doors currently available on the Australian market.

  6. Barriers & Bollards

    Bildspec is well-known for its operable walls and folding doors and these include glass office partitions.

  7. Barriers & Bollards

    The Bildspec Series 100 Operable Wall was designed for applications requiring a higher acoustic rating and robust construction.  Typical applications include businesses and offices; boardrooms and meeting rooms; reception centres;  hotels, and con

  8. Barriers & Bollards

    The TRAFFIC DOOR is a custom-made, high impact heavy-duty door. Traffic doors provide a barrier between two areas. They are designed to be opened by impact. They can close automatically from either direction.

  9. Barriers & Bollards

    The HS1000 Rapid Roll is a versatile high speed door. This door uses a single-phase PLC control system and includes as standard.  This door uses a single-phase PLC control system and includes as standard

  10. Barriers & Bollards

    Versatile:Available in hinged, sliding and bi-fold systems. Can be used as hinged security doors, sliding doors or shutters, fixed window shutters, a patio enclosure, privacy screen, or a bi-folding door and window.