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  1. Pallets and Palletising Equipment

    The CX15 MAX AGV can be equipped with a hydraulic lift table, a roller conveyor or chain conveyor depending on its purpose. The CX15 is great for transporting pallets and different types of material. 

  2. Pallets and Palletising Equipment

    FX AGV models are constructed as a forklift type which make them especially suitable for transport of pallets, ideal to use where aisles and gangways are very narrow. The FX10 can carry different types and sizes of pallets.

  3. RA MPK2/MPG2F
    Robotics & Mechanical Arms

    The MPK2/MPK2F is a high performance, wash-down ready robot designed for high-speed materials handling applications such as food handling, picking, and packing.

  4. RA MPL800
    Robotics & Mechanical Arms

    As the strongest member of the Motoman palletising series, the MPL800 boasts a maximum payload of 800kg with a 500kg/m² wrist axis torque to handle heavy parts while taking up minimal space.

  5. Motoman SDA5 D/F
    Robotics & Mechanical Arms

    The Motoman SDA5 D/F is a dual-arm robot for "human-like" applications where movement flexibility and fast acceleration are required.