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  1. Forklift

    Hyster's UT Series diesel or dual-fuel counterbalance lift trucks, pallet trucks and stackers, in four different capacities from 2.0-3.5 tonnes, deliver an attractive, affordable and uncomplicated range for enhanced user choice across many industr

  2. Forklift

    The Yale UX Series counterbalance lift trucks, in four different capacities from 2.0-3.5 tonnes, provide an attractive option for customers across many industries who require quality materials handling equipment but don’t need advanced functionali

  3. Forklift

    Hyster® J1.6-2.0UTT electric counterbalance forklift trucks are easy to use, simple to maintain and deliver exceptional reliability at every turn.

  4. Forklift

    The Yale EF series is particularly suited to Industries such as Manufacturing, Wood and timber products, Stevedoring and heavy cargo, Metal stockholding, Pre-stressed concrete and Brick and block. 

  5. Forklift

    The superior design of Hyster® reach trucks (models N-ZR3-ZDR3 and N-ZRS3-ZDRS3, in capacities from 1,300kg - 2,000kg) helps to lower cost of ownership and increase productivity.

  6. Forklift

    With capacities from 1,000-1400kg, Yale MR 10-14E series reach trucks are ideally suited to manoeuvre in warehouses with narrow aisles and confined spaces

  7. Forklift

    The Hyster PC1.5 can deliver three times the efficiency of a hand pallet truck, with benefits including reliable performance, low maintenance, easy service and dependability.

  8. Forklift

    The Yale MP20XUX pallet truck is a low cost truck that combines a wide range of features and reliable performance, with capacities up to 2,000kg