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  1. Circuits & Surge Protection

    Ohmite ALN Thick-Film High-Power Chip Resistors feature a thick film element for stable performance with temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) values down to 150PPM.

  2. Circuits & Surge Protection

    Surge Protection Devices global complaint, cost effective, type 2 surge protection device.

  3. Circuits & Surge Protection

    Murata UWSC Ultra Large-Band Wire-Bondable Silicon Capacitors target optical communication systems (ROSA/TOSA, SONET and all optoelectronics) as well as high-speed data systems or p

  4. Circuits & Surge Protection

    Bel Fuse 0ABA Fast Blow SMD Chip Fuses are fast-acting 0402 fuses for excessive currents.

  5. Circuits & Surge Protection

    TDK Premium Capacitors offers a 440 to 850VAC voltage range, a 96 to 165µF capacitance, and a 50/60Hz rating.

  6. Circuits & Surge Protection

    OmronIndustrial Automation J7 Low-Voltage Switch Gear features a wide range of products, including J7MC Manual Motor Starters, J7KC / J7KCA

  7. Circuits & Surge Protection

    STMicroelectronics T2535T Triac is ideal for use in the on/off or phase angle control function in general purpose AC switching.

  8. Circuits & Surge Protection

    Bourns 15KPA-SD-Q AEC-Q101-Compliant TVS Diodes used in DC bus clamping, applicable for protection of sensitive electronic components against ov

  9. Circuits & Surge Protection

    Bel fuse 0ZCF Resettable PPTC Fuses are AEC-Q200 compliant fuses designed for automotive and any resettable applications with hig

  10. Circuits & Surge Protection

    Cinch Connectivity Solutions Commercial Grade 3GHz Surge Arrestor protects networks from surges without sacrificing RF p