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  1. Barriers & Bollards

    Alarm Bar protects overhead assets from accidental vehicle damage. This ceiling-mounted barrier provides audible and visible alarms to prevent damage before it happens, averting vehicle impacts and changing driver behaviour over time.

  2. Barriers & Bollards

    Designed for use with low-set vehicles such as cars and some delivery trucks, so they don't impact with the vehicle bumper, Car Stops are ideal for car parks and facilities with busy foot traffic.

  3. Barriers & Bollards

    mFlex Single Traffic Barrier Ground Level is designed to safeguard walls, structures, goods and machinery from the wear-and-tear of frequent low-energy impacts at near-ground level. 

  4. Barriers & Bollards

    iFlex Single Traffic Barrier Cold Storage is purpose-engineered to provide the ultimate performance in cold stores and frozen food facilities.

  5. Barriers & Bollards

    iFlex™ Anti-Climb Car Park Barrier is designed to shield ramps, entry points, perimeters, walls and walkways from vehicle damage. Robust anti-climb mesh further enhances safety by discouraging pedestrians from climbing over barriers.

  6. Barriers & Bollards

    Atlas™ Polygon Traffic Barrier is designed to defend vulnerable floodlight towers, masts and columns on airport stands and apron areas from damage. It offers premium protection against high-strength vehicle impacts.

  7. Barriers & Bollards

    iFlex™ ForkGuard™ Kerb Barrier is designed to provide protection against vehicle forks. It defends against damage and injury at ground level. ForkGuard Kerb Barrier shields buildings, equipment, walkways and work areas.

  8. Barriers & Bollards

    FlexiShield Column Guard is designed to provide robust column protection for facilities with standard square and rectangular columns.

  9. Barriers & Bollards

    Sign Caps are designed to support facility traffic management and operational requirements. These are ideal for displaying universally recognised safety signage to direct traffic flow or provide essential health and safety information.

  10. Barriers & Bollards

    A wall-mounted buffer rail to provide space-saving protection against impacts at higher levels from taller hand propelled items such as multi-shelved goods trolleys or hospital patient trolleys.