Cut To Size Plastics

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  1. Engineering Plastics

    Cut To Size Plastics supplies Wearlon™ Nylon (Polyamide) in a range of specifications to suit different functionality and applications.

  2. Engineering Plastics

    Wearace™ Acetal (Polyacetal) is a versatile engineering material, even for complex components and for high demands on surface quality.

  3. Engineering Plastics

    Wearex™ UHMWPE (Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) has self-lubricating and high-slip properties and is resistant to chemical corrosion. It is a high quality plastic that offers superior impact, shock and abrasion resistance.

  4. Engineering Plastics

    Wearguard™ Polycarbonate is available as sheets, rods and tubes. It is usually clear, but an opal sheet for lighting is also availabke. It is used as an impact resistant glazing material.  

  5. Engineering Plastics

    Cut To Size Plastics offers customised polymer-based industrial shock absorbers that can typically absorb up to 75% more energy than typical polyurethane types.

  6. Engineering Plastics

    Cut To Size Plastics supplies grey industrial grade PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) in various shapes and sizes including sheets, rods and sections.

  7. Engineering Plastics

    High Density and Low Density Polyethylene, HDPE and LDPE, have excellent impact strength and can be easily formed and machined using conventional equipment. They are available in a range of sheet sizes for everyday applications.

  8. Engineering Plastics

    Wearflon™ PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) has been the product of choice for electrical insulation, chemical resistance and low friction for 50 years. Cut To Size Plastics' Wearflon™ PTFE continues the high standard required for this product, which

  9. Engineering Plastics

    Cut To Size Plastics is the exclusive Australian distributor for Wefapress Chain guides and profiles, which cover a large range of components needed for an efficiently operating chain.

  10. Engineering Plastics

    Wearthane™ Polyurethane is an elastomeric material which possesses excellent properties. Uniquely, it can be cast in a broad range of hardnesses to suit your requirements as it combines the toughness of metal with the elasticity of rubber.