Uneek Bending

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  1. Energy Efficiency

    Uneek Bending provides customized construction of communication tower head frames, each frame manufactured to suit client specifications and meet Australian Standards. 

  2. Metalworking & Metal Machining

    An established partnership with Indian company GB Engineering provides Australian companies with Uneek’s Australian design and management expertise coupled with GB’s international manufacturing capabilities for large, complex projects in the build

  3. Metalworking & Metal Machining

    Uneek employs a professional design team capable of analyzing situations, and creating flexible and customer-centric designs that meet the needs of complex and multi-layered problems.

  4. Metalworking & Metal Machining

    Uneek manufactures a range of erosion shields to protect boiler tubing from the highly erosive effects of high temperatures and pressures thereby greatly extending tube life.

  5. Metalworking & Metal Machining

    Over its history, Uneek has worked with an extensive range of materials, assembling an experienced and skilled welding process workforce.

  6. Metalworking & Metal Machining

    Uneek recognize that when something needs fixing, time and quality are the most important factors. Uneek provides a round-the-clock emergency breakdown service for urgent bending, welding and repairs as needed. 

  7. Metalworking & Metal Machining

    Servicing a wide range of industries, Uneek knows that every project has a distinct goal, and requires a distinct product. The size and capabilities of their rolling and bending shops makes Uneek truly Unique.