Big Ass Fans

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  1. Air & Pollution Control

     With an 2.4m diameter and 360-degree angle adjustment capabilities, AirGo® is our biggest, most versatile vertical floor fan. Its compact design and durable construction make it an ideal air movement solution in the toughest of environments.

  2. Basic 6
    Air & Pollution Control

    Basic 6™ is the plain and simple fan for plain, simple air movement. If you’re on a modest budget, don’t need a 15-year warranty and don’t want the bells and whistles that make up the Powerfoil 8 and Powerfoil X2.0, Basic 6 is the fan for you.

  3. Element
    Air & Pollution Control

    The silent and stylish Element delivers the benefits of Big Ass Fans to air-conditioned spaces. Utilizing a gearless direct-drive motor, Element provides high torque at low speeds, eliminating the need for a noisy gearbox.

  4. Air & Pollution Control

    Haiku® isn’t just efficient – it holds the top ENERGY STAR® rankings for ceiling fans. Spanning 1.5m in diameter, Haiku is ideal for rooms of any size, like entryways, living rooms, patios and man caves.

  5. Isis
    Air & Pollution Control

    With Isis®, entryways, patios and great rooms can take advantage of Big Ass Fan technology.

  6. Air & Pollution Control

    Point it at a workstation or an assembly line, down an aisle or around a ceiling obstruction. Pivot’s 73 unique mounting positions allow you to aim airflow exactly where you need it most.

  7. Pivot 180
    Air & Pollution Control

    "Ceiling-space-challenged" operations – like many manufacturing, distribution and service center facilities – need cooling air movement over large areas, but may not have the overhead space to accommodate 8 to 24- foot ceiling-mounted Big Ass Fans.

  8. Powerfoil 8
    Air & Pollution Control

    Powerfoil® 8 is a heavy-duty ceiling fan designed using industrial-grade components, fully factory tested prior to shipping to ensure a perfectly functioning system backed by a 12-year limited warranty.

  9. Powerfoil X2.0 - Industrial Ceiling Fan
    Air & Pollution Control

    Powerfoil®X2.0 features a patented system of airfoils and winglets, setting the world standard for airflow. This aerodynamic design features the patented, purpose-built NitroSeal Drive gearbox for maximum durability and cool operation.

  10. Yellow Jacket
    Air & Pollution Control

    Yellow Jacket® is the Smashingly Durable™ portable and mountable fan that takes abuse and stays in use. The 45.7cm and 91.4cm pedestals direct airflow where it’s needed to keep employees comfortable.