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  1. Pressure Gauges

    Pressure transmitters are classified based on parameters such as operation range, accuracy level, type of media, manufacturing technology, output type, process connection type, application, physical specifications, etc

  2. Oil-free Differential Pressure Transducer
    Pressure Gauges

    The AST5300 wet/wet differential pressure transducer from Bestech Australia is to be used in Explosion-Proof and Non-Incendive areas, featuring all 316L and Inconel X750 material.

  3. Pressure Gauges

    Differential pressure transmitter and transducer offer precise measurements of extremely low pressures as well as high line pressures for different type of materials and process lines.

  4. Pressure Gauges

    Low Differential Pressure Transmitter and Transducers are mainstream products in airflow and air consumption, ventilation and HVAC, wind tunnel calibration, cleanroom control, etc. for non-corrosive or aggressive liquids and gases.

  5. Pressure Gauges

    Submersible liquid level transmitters and transducers are a cost effective, accurate means of measuring tank level and ground water level in hazardous areas. Bestech offers different versions of submersible sensors depending on media

  6. Pressure Gauges

    Melt Pressure Transducers (MPT) are based on strain gauge technology and formed with a full Wheatstone bridge circuit. Melt pressure transducer fills the high temperature application gap (≧400°C) at where other pressure sensors would possibly fail.

  7. Pressure Gauges

    Miniature Piezo-resistive pressure transducer enables precision measurement of absolute pressure even under high temperaturefeaturing extraordinary linearity and repeatability with no hysteresis

  8. Pressure Gauges

    Digital Gauge or Digital Manometer is an online device measuring accurate positive gauge pressure, absolute pressure, vacuum (negative) pressure and differential pressures.

  9. Pressure Gauges

    OEM pressure sensing elements are supplied for manufacturers’ selection to integrate with their own compensation electronics to adapt to specific utilization and applications.

  10. Validyne P61 Differential Pressure Transmitter
    Pressure Gauges

    The Validyne Model P61 Digital Pressure Transducer is a digital differential pressure transmitter primarily designed for industrial pressure measurement.