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  1. Materials Testing

    Single Column Universal Material Testing Machines (UTMs) are designed to measure forces/loads up to 5kN (1124lbf) and ideal for routine quality control testing or complex multi-stage tests.

  2. Materials Testing

    Texture analyser is designed to evaluate the textural, mechanical and physical properties of a finished product or raw ingredients primarily used in food industry.

  3. Measurement Laser Systems

    Laser measurement sensors offer non-contact, high speed, high resolution displacement, position and vibration measurement.

  4. Measurement Laser Systems

    Optoelectronic sensors are designed for non-contact distance, displacement and speed measurements. Due to the long measuring distance, these long range sensors are ideal for measurements on critical surfaces from a safe distance, e.g. hot metal.

  5. Mining Equipment

    Bestech Australia introduces a digitally compensated pressure transducer (<± 0.1% FS accuracy) that has been used in front callipers on Lieberr mining trucks.

  6. Power Systems & Equipment

    Bestech Australia is introducing the new LA-27-A series LVDT linear position sensors ranging from 75 mm to 375 mm for valve position feedback in steam and hydro power plants, as well as use in heavy duty applications l

  7. Draft Range Pressure Transmitter
    Pressure Gauges

    Bestech Australia has partnered with Validyne Engineering providing low to ultra-low differential pressure transducers and transmitters.

  8. High Line Pressure Differential Sensor P365D
    Pressure Gauges

    The Validyne P365D High Line Pressure Differential Transducer exclusively supplied by Bestech Australia is designed to take low differential pressure measurements at a high static line pressure.

  9. LEO 5 Stainless Steel High Resolution Manometer
    Pressure Gauges

    Based on the success of LEO Record and LEX1 digital pressure gauge, the new LEO 5 features an IP66 rated robust SS enclosure that combines contemporary microcontroller-based electronics and capacitive-touch controls. LEO 5 is operated through the... Read More

  10. Pressure Gauges

    Pressure transducers convert pressure applied on the sensing element into an electrical signal. There are many types of pressure transducer using various technologies such as bonded foil, thin/thick film, semiconductor strain gauge and etc