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  1. Displacement Sensors

    Capacitive sensors are inspired by the property of capacitance between two conductive surfaces within reasonable proximity. As changes in distance between surfaces changes the capacitance value, it reflects a change in position of target

  2. Displacement Sensors

    Eddy Current sensors are competitive in applications requiring distance, displacement or position measurement of electrically conductive targets in harsh industrial environments due to tolerance to oil, dirt, moisture, interference fields, etc.

  3. Displacement Sensors

    Confocal Chromatic displacement sensors are applicable for distance and one-sided thickness measurement. The advantages of large tilt angle and stand-off distance allow distance measuring in small cavities, bores and many application fields.

  4. Displays

    Digital Panel Meter consists of a numeric LED/LCD display and an A/D converter that indicates measured analog values or monitoring analog output signals, such as voltage, current, pulse and etc.

  5. Hydraulics & Pneumatics Technical Training
    Educational & Training Providers

    Fluid Power Hydraulic and Pneumatic Training Systems are masterfully crafted based on feedback from real life lecturers and students teaching and learning hydraulics and pneumatics.

  6. Interactive Training Software MEG-MIT (E-Learning)
    Educational & Training Providers

    Bestech Australia is proudly introducing the MEG-MIT interactive training software from Megatech which provides a hands-on training that covers the ASE technical requirements as well teaching about common diesel fuel systems.

  7. Automotive Technical Training
    Educational & Training Providers

    Bestech Australia partnering with world leading manufacturers provides automotive training systems, demonstration and simulators.

  8. CAI Electricity, Electronic Trainer MEG-TRON
    Educational & Training Providers

    The MEG-TRON electronic trainer from Bestech Australia, aims to provide training to help foster good automotive technicians that are capable of repairing cars.

  9. Diesel Engine Trainer Megatech MEG320
    Educational & Training Providers

    The Megatech MEG320 is a technical trainer that is intended to give a comprehensive understanding of light and mid duty diesel engines.

  10. Electrical & Electronics Technical Training
    Educational & Training Providers

    Bestech Australia teams up with NIDA Corporation offering hardware as well as support programs for training of electricity, electronics, and electro-mechanics in an ever-expanding number of technical disciplines.