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  1. Pressure Calibrators

    Bestech Australia provides versatile portable pressure calibrators for high precision tasks.

  2. Connectors & Couplers

    Signal conditioners are designed for processing analogue signal of transducers in order to meet the requirements of a data acquisition device so that the computer measurement systems can recognize the signals.

  3. Control Systems & PLCs

    MintDrive II is a fully programmable, single axis, stand-alone, motion control package which provides, motion control, I/O handling, serial communications, machine level networking and optional operator interface panel.

  4. Vehicle Pressure Acquisition System
    Data Acquisition & Data Capture

    Bestech Australia is introducing a brand new Data Acquisition System from Validyne, the VPAS (Vehicle Pressure Acquisition System). It has up to 8 low pressure channels (measurement points) with continuous pressure reading recording and USB... Read More

  5. ALMEMO® 710 Data Logger
    Data Acquisition & Data Capture

    ALMEMO® V7 connector/plug allows to process up to 10 channels for measured values and function settings including multi-value sensors (e.g. Meteo sensors) and to connect external devices such as complex chemical analysers and energy analysers.

  6. Data Acquisition & Data Capture

    Bestech Australia introduces the ALMEMO 500 by Ahlborn with simultaneous multi-user access via Wi-Fi and tablet control. Users will be able to configure the device via an 8-inch tablet with a preinstalled app.

  7. Data Acquisition (DAQ)
    Data Acquisition & Identification

    Data Acquisition is a process of acquiring analogue signals from one or more transducers and converting the sampling signals into digital numeric values which can be manipulated by a computer.

  8. ProcessSensor – Wireless DAQ
    Data Acquisition & Identification

    BeanAir® ProcessSensor Series are wireless sensors designed to connect to analog and wireless sensors for industrial process control, remote machine monitoring an isolated site, building management, and environmental studies.

  9. Displacement Sensors

    The optoCONTROL 2520-46(090) is a newly released product from Micro-Epsilon that extends the measurement capability of optical micrometer product range.

  10. Displacement Sensors

    The new optoCONTROL 2520 laser micrometer with integrated controller supplied by Bestech Australia has an extremely compact design. Operators can choose a maximum distance of 2 metres between transmitter and receiver.