Bestech Australia

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  1. Test & Measurement Equipment

    Bending and Shear Beam Load Cells available in different materials, precision and protection classes provide secure and satisfied performance for various weighing applications.

  2. Test Measurement & Instrumentation

    Reliable colour measurement on difficult surfaces – A new circular colour sensor

  3. Motion Reference Modules (MRM)
    Test Measurement & Instrumentation

    Gladiator Technologies is a leading designer and manufacturer of world class high performance MEMS Gyros & Accelerometers, Systems and Integrated GPS based on their over 100 years experiences.

  4. ScanCONTROL 2600/2900 Optoelectronic Sensor
    Test Measurement & Instrumentation

    Bestech Australia introduces an extremely compact (96 x 85 x 33mm), lightweight (380g) laser profile scanner - The scanCONTROL 2600/2900 optoelectronic sensor with integrated controller, flexible installation and interface options.

  5. Ultra-Low Pressure Transmitter P532
    Test Measurement & Instrumentation

    The Vaildyne P532 Pressure Transmitter introduced by Bestech Australia is ideal for taking measurements of extremely low liquid and gas pressures in industrial applications

  6. Universal colour sensor
    Test Measurement & Instrumentation

    Colour sensors from Micro-Epsilon recognize surface colours and self-luminous objects. The sensors recognize each colour for applications in automation technology, medical packaging, quality control, as well as painting and printing.

  7. Fujifilm Uvscale Uv Light Amount Distribution Measurement Film
    Test Measurement & Instrumentation

    Bestech Australia, the company who market and sell Fujifilm’s PRESCALE and THERMOSCALE products, today announced that they are also now distributing Fujifilm’s new UVSCALE light amount distribution measurement film.

  8. idiamCONTROL
    Test Measurement & Instrumentation

    Bestech Australia introduces the idiamCONTROL that allows precise planning of the maintenance intervals or replacement intervals of the individual extruder housing parts.