Bestech Australia

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  1. Engineering

    Bestech Australia introduces the new eddyNCDT 3001 and 3005 eddy current sensors that measure displacement, distance, position, oscillations and vibrations at high speeds of up to 100kHz.

  2. Engineering

    Bestech Australia introduces a high precision torque sensor designed for both static and dynamic measurements on non-rotating applications.

  3. Engineering

    Bestech Australia introduces sophisticated water quality measurement systems from Ahlborn Sensors. The measurement systems consisted of physical sensors and a data acquisition instrument with data logging function.

  4. Hydraulics & Pneumatics

    Bestech Australia introduces Fluid Power Training Institute’s MF102-H-TSE, the best Hydraulic Training System in the world.

  5. Inspection & Measurement

    The new thicknessSENSOR is a non-contact, wear-free laser sensor that offers accurate thickness measurement of plate and strip materials with measurement range of 10 – 25mm.

  6. Leak Testing

    Bestech Australia introduces the OX2/231, an oxygen permeability tester to determine oxygen transmission rate of film and package products, including plastic films, composite films, sheeting, plastic bottles, plastic bags and other packages.

  7. Materials Testing

    Bestech Australia has introduced new, cost-effective dual-column universal material testing machines. The test machines offer five different models, specifically designed for different force ranges for material tests all the way up to 100kN.

  8. Measurement Laser Systems

    Laser profile scanning sensors measure two- and/or three dimension acquisition of the profiles on various scanning surfaces of the targets.

  9. Pressure Gauges

    Bestech Australia introduces the DP15, a variable reluctance pressure transducer capable of very low to high pressure measurement with low power consumption.

  10. Pressure Gauges

    Bestech Australia introduces a Flush Diaphragm Piezo-resistive Pressure Transmitter for the food and beverage industry to monitor pressure and level in pipes, tanks and filters.