Bestech Australia

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  1. Data Acquisition & Data Capture

    CRONOS-XT is  tra-robust data acquisition system is available in modular configuration and suited for applications in harsh and industrial environment.

  2. Displacement Sensors

    Bestech Australia offers the new capaNCDT 6112 for non-contact capacitive displacement measurement which is ideally suited for integration in machines and facilities.

  3. Displacement Sensors

    With the release of new optoNCDT 1750 from Micro Epsilon, this modern laser sensor is now able to measure distance and displacement up to 500mm and 750mm, bringing the total measurement range from 2mm to 750mm.

  4. Displacement Sensors

    Bestech Australia introduces the Burster DIGIFORCE 9311, the pioneering force and displacement controller which offers rapid evaluation results when strict quality demands are coupled with high production rates.

  5. Displacement Sensors

    Bestech Australia introduces the confocalDT 2471 HS, the fastest confocal chromatic controller for measuring principle, displacements, distances and thickness in the glass and electronics industry.

  6. Displacement Sensors

    Bestech Australia offers the capaNCDT 6110, a compact single-channel system capable of thickness, coordinates, level, tilt, and vibration measurements.

  7. Displacement Sensors

    Bestech Australia offers the SS-7 Series Linear Position Sensors used to measure the ram position of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders in industrial, mobile, or subsea applications.

  8. Engineering

    Bestech Australia introduces sophisticated water quality measurement systems from Ahlborn Sensors. The measurement systems consisted of physical sensors and a data acquisition instrument with data logging function.

  9. Engineering

    The TIM40 compact thermal camera features a compact and robust housing with IP67 protection.

  10. Engineering

    The optoNCDT1220 is a low-cost laser triangulation sensor suitable for measurement of displacement, distance and position in a high-volume application such as in OEM.