Protoblast Company

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  1. Full Recovery Systems
    Chamber Systems

    For most blast chambers the Protoblast full recovery system is the best solution to the question of abrasive recovery.

  2. Stub & Butt Blast Machines
    Airless Blast Machines

    These machines are for the aluminum smelter process for the refurbishment of the smelter pot.

  3. Protoblast Section Blast Machine
    Airless Blast Machines

    The Protoblast Section Blast machine is a pre fabrication blast machine.

  4. Post Blast Section Blast Machine
    Airless Blast Machines

    This machine is designed to blast products after fabrication. It has 8 high performance Closed Type Blast Wheels.

  5. Scaffold Blast Machine
    Airless Blast Machines

    This is a section blast machine suited to blasting scaffolding pieces.

  6.  Rail Blast Machine
    Airless Blast Machines

    This machine is designed to blast the end of railway tracks prior to being welded together.

  7. Rail Arrangements
    Blast Chambers

    For high-production installations significant advantages can be realised by installing a four-rail system like that shown.

  8.  Trolleys
    Blast Chambers

    The experience gained from many years’ involvement in the blasting industry has been incorporated into the design of the Protoblast trolleys.

  9. Modular Grit Chambers
    Blast Chambers

    The Protoblast Modular Grit Blast Chamber shown is a small portable unit which requires no pit but incorporates all the elements of a complete production installation.

  10. Minimum Pit Blast Chambers
    Blast Chambers

    In some cases a large pit is not practical. For these applications Protoblast can supply blast chambers similar to that shown, which is used to blast clean mining equipment.