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  1. Materials Handling: General Machinery

    LANFRANCHI, of Italy, have developed a duo block and super block puck feeder machine for bottling lines with frequent and continuous changeover operations and for bottles with unusual and unstable geometry, that can only be conveyed in special con

  2. Packaging Machinery & Equipment

    In response to an increased demand by retailers for retail-ready packaging, Pearson Packaging Systems of Washington, USA, have launched the HV Module (horizontal vertical) , designed to offer flexible pack patterns a

  3. Pallet Wrapping

    TechnoWrapp S.r.l. from Fonzaso Italy, have upgraded the state of the art, A800 and A800 4E automatic ring wrapping machines

  4. Pallets & Palletising Equipment

    AUTEFA Automation of Augsburg Germany, a specialist in automated product handling and automated warehousing

  5. Pallets and Palletising Equipment

    New Vacugrip technology for palletising and depalletising available through HBM Plastics & Packaging.

  6. Plastic Machining Services

    Neue Herbold, of Reihen, Germany, are global specialists in the production of size re

  7. Shrink & Pallet Wrapping

    The B300 Stretch Wrapping machine is claimed to be the fastest Rotary Arm Wrapping machine currently available and has an arm with a patented ring guide that rotates around the load at 45rpm, wrapping 130 pallets per hour with 10 wraps for each pa

  8. Shrink Wrapping Machinery

    OCME S.r.l, Italian world leading manufacturer of packaging, filling, handling and palleti

  9. Shrink Wrapping Machinery

    OCME release the VEGA HT tray-shrink packer for the packing of clusters of glass bottles in tray and film.