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  1. Food Processing Machinery

    Multi-Fill Inc. of Utah USA specialise in the manufacture of Semi-Automatic and Automatic Volumetric Fillers for the Home Meal Replacement and Convenience Foods industries and are represented in Oceania by HBM Packaging Technologies.

  2. Food Processing Machinery

    Multi-Fill Inc. of Utah USA who specialise in the manufacture of semi-automatic and automa

  3. Industry Machinery & Equipment

    Graewe (Xtras for Extrusion) of Neuenburg, Germany, a leading manufacturer of Extrusion auxiliary equipment, have a range of fully automatic winding machines for low to high speed extrusion lines.They are designed for the precise coiling of pipes,

  4. Industry Machinery & Equipment

    Gammaflux Inc. of Virginia USA, a leading supplier of Plastics Injection Mould Hot Ru

  5. Inspection Equipment

    IntraVis Vision Systems of Germany, a global supplier of video inspection machinery have released the PreWatcher III.

  6. Inspection Equipment

    The Label Watcher Inspection machine from IntraVis Visions Systems of Germany is a popular choice of label quality con

  7. Inspection Equipment

    IntraVis Vision Systems of Germany, a global supplier of

  8. Inspection Equipment

  9. Leak Testing

    ALPS (Air Logic Power Systems), of Wisconsin USA, have released a new version of their successful Speed Glider high speed linear leak tester, called the Speed-Glider 4.5s that has been specifically designed for the pharmaceutical bottle market.

  10. Leak Testing

    The new NexGen Rotary Leak Inspection System is proving to be a popular choice with plastic bottle blow mouldi