Tsubaki Australia Pty Ltd

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  1. Automation & Process Control

    Solid plastic cable carriers with fixed chain widths

  2. Automation & Process Control

    Cable carriers with variable chain widths Aluminium or plastic stays Inside and outside easy and quick to open Light, robust or link-free series a suitable solution for every application

  3. Automation & Process Control

    Extremely robust and stable steel chains

  4. Automation & Process Control

    Cables for Cable Carriers Durable, reliable, cost-effective, Ready for solutions – your advantage

  5. Automation & Process Control

    Conveyor Systems Reliability and experience based on tradition Our scraper belt, hinged belt and belt conveyors embody more than 30 years of experience.

  6. Flexible Cables

    We supply Steel and Plastic cable carriers and highly flexible TRAXLINE cables, Guideway protection, Conveyor Systems and Machine Enclosures.

  7. Power Transmission & Acessories

    The BS series Cam Clutches are intended for applications where reverse rotation of the slow speed conveyor head shaft is to be prevented (backstopping). Typical Applications

  8. Power Transmission & Acessories

    This series features a compact design and high torque capacity. Suitable for medium- and low-speed overrunning with the compact design and high torque capacity. Excellent wear resistance during overrunning

  9. Power Transmission & Acessories

    BR-HT Cam Clutch is High Torque version of existing BR series. BR-HT is mainly used in backstop application for the inner race high-speed overrunning.

  10. Power Transmission & Acessories

    TSUBAKI E&M Linipower Jack is our latest jack realized through a combination of technology cultivated over years of experience as a top manufacturer of power cylinders and product manufacturing in consideration of thorough quality controls and