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  1. Tornado Series
    CNC Lathes

    Tornado turning centres provide greater consistency because they are built using Colchester's unique "Duo-Stable" advanced machine tool construction which provides thermal and dynamic stability up to 300% greater than cast iron.

  2. The Tornado TT Series
    CNC Lathes

    The new, 100% British designed and manufactured heavyweight Colchester-Harrison Tornado TT6 turn-mill centre, with eight-axes, twin 12 station turrets, two identical 15 kW integrated spindle units and a totally redesigned heavy-duty bed casting.

  3. Colchester Triumph 2000 Manual Lathe
    CNC Lathes

    The Colchester Triumph 2000 geared headstock centre lathe affirms Colchester's continuing development of lathe technology, providing an outstanding example of precision machine tool engineering.

  4. Colchester Harrison Centre Lathes
    CNC Lathes

    Harrison is the British centre lathe specialist with over 100 years manufacturing experience, part of the UK's largest machine tool company and over 140,000 lathes in operation worldwide.

  5. NDV Series
    Milling & Turning Machinery

    NDV Series High Precision Die & Mold Vertical Machining Center The brand new NDV series is especially developed for ultra precise and high effi cient die & mold machining center.

  6. TV Series
    Milling & Turning Machinery

    High PerHigh Performance High Rigidity Vertical Machining Center. The TV-Series have been successfully utilized in wide range of applications from heavy roughing to precision mold & dies machining.

  7. MEBA e-cut bandsaw
    Band Saws

    MEBA e-cut Power. Persistence. Precision.

  8. MEBAswing 260 DG / 320 G
    Band Saws

    MEBAswing 260 DG / 320 G The smart choice for all bandsawing

  9. MEBAsteel 1100 DG
    Band Saws

    MEBAsteel 1100 DG The smart choice for all-purpose bandsawing. The clever solution for structural steel

  10. MEBAsteel 1100 DGA-3300
    Band Saws

    MEBAsteel 1100 DGA-3300 The clever solution for structural steel