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  1. Belts & Belting Equipment

    Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™, Gates most powerful synchronous belt, has been designed for optimum performance on high torque, low and high speed drives in any industrial application.

  2. Belts & Belting Equipment

    Designed for the toughest, dirtiest and most aggressive applications and environments, Gates Predator® construction is what sets it apart from any other v-belt.

  3. Belts and Hoses

    Hydraulic hose varies in weight, size, temperature ratings, reinforcement layers, working pressures and flexibility.

  4. Belts and Hoses

    Compact Gates Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ synchronous belt drive systems are the ideal replacement for messy roller chain drives.

  5. Belts and Hoses

    Its patented EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) construction for moulded-notch V-belts features a high-performance synthetic rubber compound known for exceptional ozone, heat and weather resistance.

  6. Belts and Hoses

    The GC96™ crimper is your crimping solution for making leak-free, factory-quality industrial hose assemblies.

  7. Belts and Hoses

    Gates E2E Hose System wouldn't be a solution without couplings.

  8. Belts and Hoses

    High pressure hydraulic oil lines. Meets SAE 100R16 requirements.

  9. Belts and Hoses

    Beat the heat with G2XH, M4KH, and M3KH hoses for high pressure hydraulic applications.

  10. Belts and Hoses

    Get all the toughness without the spiral-wire expense.