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  1. Spring Driven Cable Reels
    Hose Reels & Cable Reels

    Established in 1991 to manufacture spring driven reels and slipring columns, Cavotec Alfo became a leading manufacturer in its sector worldwide and market-leader in Germany.

  2. Cable Chains
    Hose Reels & Cable Reels

    Founded in 1976 in Italy, Brevetti Stendalto was the first company ever to produce cable chains made from nylon.

  3. Cables
    Hose Reels & Cable Reels

    In order to supply a comprehensive selection of high quality cables specially adapted for use in general industry and automation applications, the Cavotec Group decided to select specialised manufacturing partn

  4. Motor-Driven Cable and Hose Reels
    Hose Reels & Cable Reels

    Cavotec Specimas has been involved in the development and manufacture of motorised cable reels since the early 1960s.

  5. Service and Support
    Industrial Consumables & Services

    Cavotec’s service teams support your installation, commissioning and maintenance requirements, and are available around the clock to deliver on- or off-site assistance.

  6. Industry Machinery & Equipment

    Cavotec Fladung has been a pioneer of aircraft ground support equipment for more than forty years.

  7. Industry Machinery & Equipment

    Cavotec is the only supplier to offer PCA (Pre-Conditioned Air) systems capable of cooling all types of aircraft, including Code-F A380 super-jumbos.

  8. Industry Machinery & Equipment

    To cool aircraft standing at the gate has always been one of the most challenging aspects during servicing.

  9. Above Ground Systems
    Industry Machinery & Equipment

    As part of Cavotec’s continual drive to reduce the industry’s environmental impact, we have developed innovative, environmentally friendly systems that aims to supply aircraft with power, water and preconditioned air while reducing costs a

  10. Hangar – In-Ground Systems
    Industry Machinery & Equipment

    It is essential for today’s modern hangars to provide services at the location where they are actually needed.By using our in-ground systems we can help to improve the turnaround time for each service.