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  1. Industrial Controllers
    Control Systems & PLCs

    Cavotec supplier Gessmann manufactures a wide range of single and multi-axis joystick controllers, foot pedals, seats and cab units for users and manufacturers of cranes and mobile machinery.

  2. Access Covers for the Ports & Maritime sector
    Dock & Warehouse Safety

    Cavotec’s Easy Lift Cover Assembly is a robust, costeffective and marine-grade solution produced to meet site-specific size and load-bearing requirements.

  3. Vault Access Pit Covers
    Dock & Warehouse Safety

    Cavotec Dabico vault access pit covers ensure easy and safe access to fibreglass vaults and concrete chambers.With a maximum lift weight of 12kg, our vault access pit covers prevent fluids, dirt and debris from entering the pit.

  4. Rotating electrical connectors
    Electrical Equipment & Components

    To meet the ever increasing use of electronics and computer controls and the necessity for always improving slipring technology, the Cavotec Group decided to select specialised manufacturing companies, Mercotac Inc.

  5. Electrical Connectors
    Electrical Equipment and Components

    Cavotec’s Electrical Connectors are designed for heavyduty use in harsh working environments such as mines, steel works and petrochemical applications.

  6. Flexible Cables
    Flexible Cables

    Cavotec supplies a wide range of flexible cables from standard to highly advanced power and signal cables, including special configurations.

  7. Motor-Driven Cable and Hose Reels
    Hose Reels & Cable Reels

    Cavotec Specimas has been involved in the development and manufacture of motorised cable reels since the early 1960s.

  8. Reels for the Mining & Tunnelling sector
    Hose Reels & Cable Reels

    Mining and tunnelling are two traditional fields for Cavotec Specimas cable reels.

  9. Stage Technology Reels
    Hose Reels & Cable Reels

    Cavotec has through years of supplying Power Supply Equipment gained a wide range of experience.

  10. Hose Reels & Cable Reels

    Since many years Cavotec Specimas cable reels have been used in a variety of operations supplying power, air and water to equipment in the general industry and automation sector.