Masterfield Industrial Equipment

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  1. Niagara - Water Wash Spray Booth
    Cleaning Machinery & Equipment

    The Niagara Water Wash Spray Booth System remains the complete solution to overspray filtration.

  2. Magnaite - Blast Rooms

    An Enclosed Magaite Blast Room gives you the control you want over your production.

  3. Furnaces

    Efficient Cleaning and Recycling of used abrasive is absolutely essential to consistently producing a high quality product.

  4. Magnaite - Abrasive Storage Hoppers

    Utilising a Magnaite Abrasive Storage Hopper leads to faster blast time and more blast time, and thus greatly increasing your production rates.

  5. Masterflo - Dry Filter Wall Spray Booths
    Painting Equipment

    With a MASTERFLO Spray Booth you can now operate your spray painting process in a controlled environment without pumping fumes and overspray all over your workshop.

  6. Masterflo - Large Machinery Spray Booths
    Painting Equipment

    MASTERFLO Spray Booths can be designed to any size with the use of multiple extraction fans and filter banks.

  7. Mastreflex - Retractable Workarea Systems
    Painting Equipment

    The MASTRE-FLEX Retractable Workarea System is the ideal solution to painting heavy, hard-to-manage work pieces. The whole work area can be simply folded away and pulled around the item, once it has been craned into position.

  8. Masterflo - Filter Wall Systems
    Painting Equipment

    MASTERFLO Filter Wall Systems have been used successfully many times for the ventilation of Designated Spray Painting Areas.

  9. Masterflo - Enclosed Booths
    Painting Equipment

    Modular ConstructionAll Spray Booths are of bolt together modular construction giving you full versatility of location, alteration and re-location.

  10. Masterflo - Dry Filter Wall Spray Booths – Bench-type booth
    Painting Equipment

    The MASTERFLO Bench-type Spray Booth is a unique solution to small parts spray painting.