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  1. Ultrasonic sensors
    Sensors & Transducers

    Versatile solutions for many applications

  2. Inclinometers
    Automation Sensors

    Solutions for many applications. TURCK inclinometers incorporate a micromechanical pendulum based on MEMS technology (Mikro Elektro Mechanic Systems).

  3. Uprox®+ Sensors
    Automation Sensors

    TURCK demonstrates impressively how to optimize process cost and to improve the efficiency and availability of systems with the uprox®+ factor 1 sensors.

  4. IMB – Interface Module Backplane
    Modular Automation Systems

    The IMB system from TURCK is an easy to-install I/O solution for the cabinet. It offers a high packing density which cannot be achieved with DIN rail interfaces.

  5. IMC - Interface module cartridge
    Modular Automation Systems

    Get more flexibility and move the intrinsic safety barrier from the cabinet to the field with the highly compact and rugged IMC series!

  6. Accessories – IM/IMS, IMB and IMC series
    Modular Automation Systems

    We offer the matching accessories for quick mounting, easy parametrization and safe protection of interface modules.

  7. Flow sensors
    Sensors & Transducers

    Monitoring of limit values and flow patterns

  8. Flow meters
    Sensors & Transducers

    Continuous and precise measuring of flow rates

  9. Linear position sensors
    Sensors & Transducers

    The new LI series of inductive linear position sensors can replace expensive magnetostrictive position detection systems as well as cheap but susceptible potentiometers.

  10. Encoders
    Sensors & Transducers

    Encoders measure rotation speed, sense, position, angle and length.