Welding Industries Of Australia

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  1. Welding Machinery & Equipment

    CATERPILLAR industrial three-cylinder 22HP Low Speed Diesel welderdesigned for the toughest applications, providing the best performance for all types of welding jobs. Fully enclosed case provides quiet (73 dba) at maximum output. With a MIG/FCAW/... Read More

  2. Welding Machinery & Equipment

    The professional welders choice, designed with the professional welder in mind who needs a machine with the best arc performance for all types of welding.Quietest engine drive in its class.Fully enclosed case protects the engine and decreases sound... Read More

  3. Welding Machinery & Equipment

    Name your welding wire job and the Deltaweld will tackle it: heavy machinery, trucks and trailers, railcars, pressure vessels, structural steel, sheet metal fabrication, automotive components, metal furniture and more.Applications: Deltaweld... Read More

  4. Welding Machinery & Equipment

    Miller's Dimension Series of three-phase, CC/CV DC power sources provide outstanding versatility, plus the endurance to handle demanding industrial applications.Applications: An excellent choice for manual, semi-automatic and fully automated... Read More

  5. Welding Machinery & Equipment

    The one-package pipe welding solution for both field and shop fabrication. Multiprocess capabilities include new patented RMD Pro and Pro Pulse which are optimized for steel and stainless steel pipe. Auto-Line allows for any input voltage hook-up (... Read More

  6. Welding Machinery & Equipment

    Outstanding multiprocess inverter with built-in features providing the ultimate in productivity. Auto-Line provides link-free primary power operation.Applications: Ideal for manufacturing industries - Construction, ship building railroad, truck and... Read More

  7. Welding Machinery & Equipment

    Applications: Rural workshop, light manufacturing, training colleges and schools.Fillet Weld: Fillet welds up to 10mm of steel, stainless or aluminium in a single pass.Features: REDUCED POWER CONSUMPTION & LESS NOISEFan-on-Demand™ cooling system... Read More

  8. Welding Machinery & Equipment

    Applications: Home, trades, light industrial, rural and hire applications.Fillet Weld: Fillet weld up to 6mm of steel, stainless steel or aluminium in a single pass.Features: LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE A truly portable MIG welder. The Weldmatic 150 is... Read More

  9. Welding Machinery & Equipment

    Applications: Ideal for home workshops, light manufacturing, and hire fleets. Fillet Weld:Fillet weld up to 8mm of steel, stainless steel or aluminium in a single pass.Features: PORTABLE & POWERFULGenuine 175 Amps of pure welding grunt, this... Read More

  10. Welding Machinery & Equipment

    Applications: Light to medium industrial fabrication, maintenance, rural workshop, hire fleets & bodyshop. Fillet Weld: Fillet weld up to 12mm of steel, stainless steel or aluminium in a single pass. Features: EASY TO USEFine adjustment arc... Read More