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  1. Air Conditioning

    ASO Low-Current Sensors from NK Technologies are specialised current operated switches which combine an ultra-sensitive current transformer and signal conditioning electronics into a single package for sensing AC current from 3-350mA.

  2. Automation Sensors

    AECO: SC30P-RE25T TYPE Application / function: Specifications:

  3. Automation Sensors

    Veederline presents Danaher’s new technology with the advent of Dynapar ACURO absolute encoders. The Danaher Industrial Controls Group (DICG) announced an expansion of its Dynapar ACURO series of absolute encoders

  4. Automation Sensors

    AAC has released a new series of DC current transducers that provide tighter accuracy to 1.0% FS for stable operation over a wider temperature range of -40°C to 85°C, versus similar products with temperature range of -20°C to 60°C.

  5. Automation Sensors

    Veederline provides heavy-duty encoders that are reliable harsh-duty optical and magneto-resistive with washdown resistance and ATEX.

  6. Automation Sensors

    Veederline Pty. Ltd.- Northstar now offers a new series of highly accurate, incremental optical encoders blended with the rugged magneto-resistive performance you expect from Northstar.

  7. Automation Sensors

    Veederline Pty. Ltd. - Novotechnik has released the LWX linear potentiometer with IP67 protection. Based on the LWG model this all-metal device is designed for extreme environments and incorporates pressure equalization technology.

  8. Building & Lighting Automation

    Veederline Pty. Ltd. - The TE200 space temperature sensor is available with a variety of options that can be configured to all makes of Building Control Systems.

  9. Building & Lighting Automation

    Veederline Pty. Ltd. - Greystone’s Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors provide unsurpassed accuracy, reliability,and selection. Environmental, industrial and commercial indoor Carbon Monoxide (CO) gas detector.

  10. Building & Lighting Automation

    Veederline Pty. Ltd. - The RH series of Humidity/Temperature Transducers are designed for use with automation, energy management, and process computer control/monitoring systems.