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  1. Air & Pollution Control

    Most systems we install use a wet scrubber of one type or another. Wet scrubbers are designed to provide efficient contact between polluted gas and scrubbing liquid resulting in the liquid removing the pollutants from the gas stream.

  2. Air & Pollution Control

    The Environmental Group has been designing and building gas cleaning systems for industrial applications in Australia for over 30 years. We specialise in absorption and adsorption, dust and particulate capture, mist elimination.

  3. Air & Pollution Control

    ACA systems clean industrial exhaust air of a wide range of pollutants, in particular volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and hydrogen sulphide (H2S).

  4. Air & Pollution Control

    Also known as trickling filters and biotrickling filters, biological scrubbers or bioscrubbers use a modified form of packed tower technology. The pollutants in the gas stream are absorbed into the water and aerobically degraded.

  5. Air & Pollution Control

    Originally developed by E.I. Du Pont de Nemours, this technology is now used in over 140 applications in over 30 Du Pont plants worldwide. Now marketed by Monsanto Enviro-Chem Systems, Monsanto have installed over 160 systems.

  6. Air & Pollution Control

    Odorgard™ technology is an addition to conventional caustic/hypochlorite scrubbing technology, developed in the UK by ICI Katalco. This provides a number of benefits.

  7. Air & Pollution Control

    SCR is used to clean industrial exhaust air of NOx pollutants, particularly NO and NO2. SCR uses a combination of ammonia and catalyst to achieve highly efficient NOx destruction whilst minimizing operating costs.

  8. Air & Pollution Control

    Many clients need assistance to evaluate their air emission applications, to identify solutions and to evaluate and troubleshoot existing ventilation and air pollution control systems. EGL have un-matched specialist expertise and knowledge.

  9. Air & Pollution Control

    EGL offer fiberglass fans for use in highly corrosive chemical environments. The range covers air flows up to 90,000 Am3/hr and static pressures up to 6 kPa

  10. Air & Pollution Control

    Ionizing Wet Scrubber™ (IWS™)