Teralba Industries

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  1. Fluid Mixing Machinery & Equipment

    Mixquip has now developed a high energy efficient clamp-on mixer with a low shear rate which in turn reduces the power consumption by returning 65% more agitation per kilowatt over against other conventional agitator units

  2. Heat Processing Equipment & Services

    A Double Tube Sheet Tubular Heat Exchanger is now produced in Australia by Teralba Industries. Dimpleflo high efficiency heat exchangers are used extensively in food, beverage, wine, pharmaceutical, chemical and wastewater industries.

  3. Heat Processing Equipment & Services

    This all new ‘Dimpleflo’ Modubloc design uses a unique, bolt together system to join tubes enabling endless options by adding or re-configuring the Heat Exchanger to meet any changed or increased application in the future.

  4. Heat Processing Equipment & Services

    Teralba Dimpleflo Modular heat exchanger systems have virtually unlimited potential for configuration changes. This results in unrivalled versatility for all installation and process requirements.

  5. Heat Processing Equipment & Services

    The Teralba Dimpleflo Monotube system is a simple, extremely versatile and effective tube heat exchanger. Dimple profiles of various configurations increase turbulence to enhance heat transfer coefficients and provide in-place cleaning.

  6. Heat Processing Equipment & Services

    The Teralba Dimpleflo Multitube heat exchanger is a compact assembly based on traditional shell and tube principles. The dimple profile induces turbulence for efficient heat transfer.

  7. Heat Processing Equipment & Services

    The Teralba Dimplestream Multi-Annuler heat exchanger is a compact assembly of concentric tubes which provide highly efficient heat transfer conditions.