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  1. Cleaning Machinery & Equipment

    The HDS 1000 BE is a petrol-fuelled hot water high-pressure cleaner (also available in diesel) with float tank, anti-scale protection, fuel shortage safeguard, steam level and infinitely variable pressure and water flow rate. This professional high... Read More

  2. Cleaning Machinery & Equipment

    The HDS 558 C is a competitively priced hot water high-pressure cleaner belonging to the compact class of cleaners. The compact class's ground-breaking technology provides outstanding customer benefits including - single knob control, chassis with... Read More

  3. Cleaning Machinery & Equipment

    The HDS 801 B Hot Water pressure cleaner is ideal for use in plant hire companies, construction companies, farming and forestry as well as municipalities and industrial service providers. This compact unit features a sturdy tubular frame for... Read More

  4. Cleaning Machinery & Equipment

    The KM 100/100 R is a comfortable ride-on unit for regularly cleaning medium to large-sized outdoor and indoor areas. Thanks to a low-maintenance drive and control concept, high area coverage and extremely low running costs, this machine quickly... Read More

  5. Cleaning Machinery & Equipment

    The KM 120/150 R is the right choice for professional applications on large indoor and outdoor areas. Compact, modern, functional and equipped with an all-round tubular steel frame, this ride-on machine is extremely rugged and, thanks to its... Read More

  6. Cleaning Machinery & Equipment

    The KM 70/20 C is ideal for sweeping small indoor and outdoor areas. It is not only faster and more efficient than a broom, but almost dust-free, thanks to its controlled air-flow and built-in fine dust filter. Its lightweight compact design is... Read More

  7. Cleaning Machinery & Equipment

    The KM 70/30 c Bp Pack Vacuum Sweeper comes with all the attributes necessary for efficient and simple sweeping, thanks to its compact build and battery powered roller and side brush. Featuring moisture proof universal bristles for all surfaces,... Read More

  8. Cleaning Machinery & Equipment

    The KM 85/50 BAT is a comfortable walk-behind self-propelled sweeper designed for both outdoor and indoor cleaning specially for contract cleaners, industry, wholesalers and retailers, transport companies and filling stations.  Ideal applications... Read More

  9. Cleaning Machinery & Equipment

    The compact KM 90/60 R ride-on unit is a comfortable alternative to a walk-behind machine. It offers a high level of operator convenience in combination with high area coverage and effective automatic filter cleaning system. These features make the... Read More

  10. Cleaning Machinery & Equipment

    The KSM 750 BAT is designed for professional applications and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications with the ability to climb and sweep gradients up to 15%. The KSM 750 BAT is a battery-powered, walk-behind, self-propelled vacuum... Read More