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  1. Cleaning Machinery & Equipment

    The KMR 1700 is specially developed to meet the difficult requirements in heavy industry. This unit is a fully hydraulic, petrol-/ and Lpg-powered ride-on vacuum sweeper that sweeps simply everything from fine dust to bulky items. This unit is used... Read More

  2. Cleaning Machinery & Equipment

    The BR 100/250 R and BD 100/250 are equipped with integrated sweep-vacuum attachment that enables them to be used as a dual-purpose machine for vacuum sweeping and scrubbing/drying. This newly constructed machine is characterized by its easy and... Read More

  3. Cleaning Machinery & Equipment

    The HD 10/25 SX is an upright cold water high-pressure cleaner. Belonging to the super-class models this unit is the right choice for those who have to reliably remove large amounts of dirt every day under tough operating conditions. These units are... Read More

  4. Cleaning Machinery & Equipment

    Karcher's compact high-pressure cleaners feature a slim space-saving design, low weight and high cleaning efficiency. The HD 5/12 C cold-water pressure cleaner has compact dimensions, robust construction and greatest possible maneuverability, making... Read More

  5. Cleaning Machinery & Equipment

    <p>A member of the super class of high-pressure cleaners, the HDS 1295 4S is rated for maximum cleaning performance and equipped to provide excellent user convenience. The soft damping system (SDS) reduces pulsations in the high pressure... Read More

  6. Cleaning Machinery & Equipment

    The HDS 995 4 M Eco is a high-performance, superbly equipped high-pressure cleaner ideal for auto dealers, the building trade, agriculture and municipalities. The service control system keeps a constant check on all operating data and indicates duty... Read More

  7. Cleaning Machinery & Equipment

    The compact KM 90/60 R ride-on unit is a comfortable alternative to a walk-behind machine. It offers a high level of operator convenience in combination with high area coverage and effective automatic filter cleaning system. These features make the... Read More

  8. Cleaning Machinery & Equipment

    The KSM 750 BAT is designed for professional applications and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications with the ability to climb and sweep gradients up to 15%. The KSM 750 BAT is a battery-powered, walk-behind, self-propelled vacuum... Read More

  9. Cleaning Machinery & Equipment

    The NT 27/1 Wet and Dry is a robust, economical and versatile machine, making it the perfect entry-level model for all those seeking a powerful, mobile, wet and dry vacuum cleaner for small areas. The NT 27/1 is fitted with Karcher’s fully... Read More

  10. Cleaning Machinery & Equipment

    Indispensable all-purpose vacuums for keeping workshops or building sites clean. The NT 35/1 ECO makes short work of picking up coarse, fine, dry and damp dirt as well as liquids. Fitted with Karcher’s fully automatic filter cleaning system... Read More