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  1. Actuators & Valves

    Finger valve series VHK has a large effective area of 2.0 to 17.5mm². This series begins with a minimum tube O.D of ø4. The valve direction clearly indicates whether the valve is open or closed (shut to open is counter- clockwise). Classification of... Read More

  2. Actuators & Valves

    The MGP is designed for high side load applications found in material handling, lifting and stopping. The cylinder utilizes an ultra-compact design by incorporating the cylinder body as part of the guide body. As the stroke length increases, so does... Read More

  3. Actuators & Valves

    The RSQ series is a fixed-height stopper cylinder with proven endurance and low breakaway characteristics. The RSG series is an adjustable mounting height stopper cylinder. It can be raised or lowered according to the distance required to stop the... Read More

  4. Actuators & Valves

    Process Industry and PET machine builder’s requests for both 2 and 3 port, pilot operated, solenoid valves, with high pressure performance are now answered with the launch of SMC’s latest Series VCH range. Designed for use with air or inert gas,... Read More

  5. Actuators & Valves

    The VHS series is a safety manual switching valve for preventing accidents that could be caused by the residual pressure while performing maintenance service on a pneumatic system. The VHS is easy to operate and the direction of air flow can be... Read More

  6. Actuators & Valves

    The solution for a linear-actuator subject to high loads. Ideal for material handling applications. Two basic models include a self-lubricating slide bushing and a linear ball bearing style. The 100mm slide bushing model can stop a load of 1300 Kg.... Read More

  7. Actuators & Valves

    3 position cylinder series RZQ provides intermediate stop mechanism. 2 intermediate strokes are possible with only a small extension in total length. First stage stroke can be specified without changing the overall length. High accuracy is achieved... Read More

  8. Actuators & Valves

    The VDW200/300 series is a compact, direct operated, 3 port solenoid valve for water, air and vacuum. The use of a unique magnetic material reduces the operating resistance of moving parts, improving service life, wear and corrosion resistance.

  9. Actuators & Valves

    The VM series is a mechanical, poppet valve. Their compact size requires little mounting space. The VM series offers a wide variety of actuator styles and flow capacity up to 1.0 Cv.

  10. Actuators & Valves

    The MTS cylinder provides superior non-rotating accuracy and linear stability in a compact package. Traditional non-rotating cylinders typically can only hold position to within 0.5° and have inherent sealing problems. Integrating a ball spline as... Read More