SMC Pneumatics

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  1. Actuators & Valves

    Mechanically jointed rodless cylinder series MY3 provides high functionality with reduced height and length. The uniquely designed piston shape enables reduction of the height and length as well as practical arrangement of the common piping passages... Read More

  2. Actuators & Valves

    SMC offers a variety of auto switches for actuators and air grippers.; Reed and solid state switches are available in a general purpose type or with 2-color indication, which allows the optimum operating position to be determined by the color of the... Read More

  3. Actuators & Valves

    The MXW is a long stroke slide table designed for strokes up to 10 inches (300mm). Stroke adjustment is standard with optional shock absorbers. The rigid table makes the MXW ideal for precise transfer of loads.

  4. Actuators & Valves

    The SV series employs a multi-connector instead of the conventional lead wires for internal manifold wiring. By connecting each block with a connector, changes to manifold stations are greatly simplified. Cassette base type manifolds offer the... Read More

  5. Actuators & Valves

    When working with delicate materials such as Silicone wafers, magnetic disks, or LCD substrates, non-shock actuation must be balanced with high speed/throughput. The REA provides the features needed to allow rapid transfer with a speed of up to... Read More

  6. Actuators & Valves

    When engineers from SMC Pneumatics, the world leaders in automation control, recognised that applications involving pick and place or quality control could benefit from better sensor detection, their extensive research and development team went into... Read More

  7. Actuators & Valves

    The MXY series is a long-stroke type of the series MXP air slide table. The MXY comes with a built-in magnetically coupled rodless cylinder. Integrated with a linerar guide, the MXY provides a rigid, compact and lightweight design.

  8. Actuators & Valves

    The SX series unique design combines both solenoid assemblies (when using double solenoid 2/3 position) on the same side of the valve, opposite the ports, allowing for greater space savings and simplified wiring access. The SX series valves are... Read More

  9. Actuators & Valves

    Combining compact cylinder size and rotational capability, the MK2 cylinder is designed for heavy duty clamping applications, with an available integrated arm that swings out of the way when the cylinder is extended. 90deg. clockwise or counter... Read More

  10. Actuators & Valves

    SMC offers a complete line of cylinder accessories including: Y-type & double knuckle joints; clevis, pivot & trunnion pins; I-type & single knuckle joints; rod end & mounting nuts; rod end caps; trunnion pivot brackets, clevis pivot... Read More