SMC Pneumatics

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  1. Actuators & Valves

    Applications that call for precise movement ranging from 10-150mm (1/2-6") typically require a cylinder and a precision guide. The MXS accomplishes this by integrating a cross roller bearing with a guide and two small air cylinders for compact force... Read More

  2. Actuators & Valves

    Originally developed for the semiconductor industry, SMC´s latest SJ2000/3000 cassette type 4 port solenoid valves provide both space and energy savings for specialist machine builders. Available in two compact sizes the SJ2000 measures just 7.5mm... Read More

  3. Actuators & Valves

    For long strokes with compact size and an integrated guide, the MY1 series rodless actuator provides an ideal solution. The MY1 mechanical joint rodless cylinder includes four standard models, which allow the appropriate bearing style to be selected... Read More

  4. Actuators & Valves

    Expanding the number of actuator series that accept compact auto switches. One auto switch for four different mounting types.

  5. Actuators & Valves

    The MXU series incorporates a miniature linear guide and a free mount cylinder. The series is available in three bore sizes and a stroke range up to 30mm. The MXU series can be mounted on 3 sides. Auto switches can be mounted.

  6. Actuators & Valves

    The 5 port solenoid valves series SQ was designed for applications which demand high speed, high frequency, long life and a precise response time. The SQ series has an outstanding response time of 12ms or less for SQ1000, 20ms or less for SQ2000 and... Read More

  7. Actuators & Valves

    The MY2 high precision guide cylinder is available in bore sizes 16mm, 25mm and 40mm. This series has been designed with a high precision single or double axis guide to create a compact, low profile cylinder. Maintenance has been simplified by... Read More

  8. Actuators & Valves

    SMC's pre-wired connector auto switches are available in 3 or 4 pin 8mm style, or 4 pin 12mm style.  3 standard wire lengths are also available:  0.5m (S), 1.0m (M) and 3.0m (L).  With the use of the pre-wired connector switch, the need for minimum... Read More

  9. Actuators & Valves

    The MXW is a long stroke slide table designed for strokes up to 10 inches (300mm). Stroke adjustment is standard with optional shock absorbers. The rigid table makes the MXW ideal for precise transfer of loads.

  10. Actuators & Valves

    The SV series employs a multi-connector instead of the conventional lead wires for internal manifold wiring. By connecting each block with a connector, changes to manifold stations are greatly simplified. Cassette base type manifolds offer the... Read More