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  1. Tooling

    No More Tool Changes. The Wilson Multi-Scribe™ sheet marking tool is ideal for an unlimited range of sheet marking applications. Multi-Scribe can be used for both sheet scribing and dot-matrix marking on a wide range of materials, eliminating the... Read More

  2. Tooling

    As smaller press brake runs become more routine, valuable production time is often lost on performing multiple setups. Press brake fabricators can significantly improve productivity by minimizing setup time with staged bending solutions from Wilson... Read More

  3. Tooling

    Wilson Tool has introduced a unique new tool that can eliminate expensive fastening methods by fabricating metal snaps. You’ve never seen anything like Zip-Tech™. It's a completely new tooling solution—and a completely new tooling concept—from... Read More

  4. Tooling

    Maximize your ‘A’ dimension with the A-Plus™ Series of tooling from Wilson Tool. This new line of Trumpf-style special tools extends the range of forming in the A-dimension, allowing for longer and larger forms. A-Plus offers a full additional 1.0... Read More

  5. Tooling

    A Cost Effective Solution for Long Lasting Durability. Wilson Tool now offers punches and strippers that are 100% compatible with Amada’s ABS guide assemblies and holders. Wilson Tool’s Amada ABS punches have the same ABS features as tooling from... Read More

  6. Tooling

    The Dura-Die parting tool completes Wilson Tool’s ultimate parting solution. When combined with Wilson Tool’s popular Dura-Blade product, you are able to greatly increase the life of your parting tools. When a new die is necessary, just replace the... Read More

  7. Tooling

    Save Time with Staged Bending.Wilson Tool is making it easier than ever for European Style press brake fabricators to dramatically improve productivity with staged bending tools for European Style press brakes. With staged bending, fabricators save... Read More

  8. Tooling

    Unmatched Surface Hardness. Unmatched Durability.Wilson Tool’s patented Nitrex® high endurance surface enhancement increases press brake tooling life by several times that of untreated tooling. Nitrex is a heat-treat process that permeates tool... Read More