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  1. Magnets & Magnetic Products

    Reduce punctures and improve safety with this lightweight Magnetic Sweeper.

  2. Magnets & Magnetic Products

    Permanent-electro magnet technology provides superior work-holding to mechanical clamping systems because set-up time is faster and holding force across the face is uniform, minimising possibility of vibration or ‘chatter’ in the work-piece.

  3. Magnets & Magnetic Products

    With many heavy steel lifting systems supplied across Australia, Serpent & Dove—Applied Magnetics is pleased with the take-up of Permanent-Electro Lifting Magnet technology in Australia.

  4. Magnets & Magnetic Products

    The Mag-Mate range of switchable mag-squares and clamps is growing in acceptance and popularity simply because they out-perform other available switchable magnets.

  5. Magnets & Magnetic Products

    Serpent & Dove-Applied Magnetics offers HACCP Certified Grate Magnets for food industry applications, where this requirement may be deemed necessary by users.

  6. Magnets & Magnetic Products

    Safety and product quality audits in food and other industries mean that magnetic equipment used to remove iron contaminants from products, need to be at top performance.

  7. Mining & Minerals Equipment

    Recover ‘Tramp Iron’ from conveyed products such as coal and mineral ores in order to protect downstream processing equipment such as crushers, sizers and screens.

  8. Mining & Minerals Equipment

    Ohio-Stearns Magnets suspended over conveyors recover what is known as 'tramp iron' so that valuable (and vulnerable) downstream equipment such as crushers or screens are protected and plant up-time maximised.

  9. Mining Equipment & Suppliers

    Product Name: Down-hole Recovery or Retrieval Magnet   Product Code: D300 Rec-Mag.   Applications: Designed to recover costly drills and cutters from geological drill holes and oil wells. Re-inforced unit pictured, designed for deep underwater use.

  10. Recycling Systems

    Eddy-Current Separators from Serpent & Dove-Applied Magnetics remove non-ferrous metals such as aluminium and copper from plastics, glass, wood and waste.