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    Among today’s Lifting Magnet choices the Tecnomagnete MaxX Magnetic Lifters still sets the standard. This is because MaxX offers, at very attractive pricing, longevity and benefits others just cannot match—such as…

  2. Magnets & Magnetic Products

    It is half the weight, has a better designed, deeper magnetic field and, as is clearly evidenced in the picture, attracts and holds more than twice the amount of steel swarf and chips.

  3. Magnets & Magnetic Products

    Unwanted tramp iron turns up in most liquid process lines – whether it’s chocolate, custard, fruit juice, oil, ink or ceramic slip.

  4. Magnets & Magnetic Products

    The Drag-On Magnetic Handle in three strengths has proven to be a boon to steel fabricators for many years.

  5. Magnets & Magnetic Products

    For quick and easy handling of steel sheet... Ready for use—this ‘plug-and-play’ magnetic lifter is suitable for steel sheet from 1.5 to 15 mm thickness and up to 3 metres long x 2 metres wide and 60 Kgs.

  6. Magnets & Magnetic Products

    The Tecnomagnete Easy-Lift is a lightweight steel sheet lifter for sheet as thin as 1.5 mm and up to a maximum weight of 600 Kgs and 3 metres in length.

  7. Magnets & Magnetic Products

    What do warehouses, truck bays, wharf areas, racetracks and airport runways have in common?

  8. Magnets & Magnetic Products

    Available in 200, 300 & 800 Amp capacity. Turns on and off for easy cleaning and use. Suitable for flat or round steel.

  9. Magnets & Magnetic Products

    Tecnomagnete’s innovative MillTec magnetic systems for milling provide the optimal solution for clamping pieces on milling machines with either vertical or horizontal axis, for gantry system milling, CNC’s, pallet systems and automated manufacturi

  10. Magnets & Magnetic Products

    Switchable Pivoting Magnetic Welding Angles can be pivoted to angles ranging from 22° to 270°, with locking handle and detents. Hold on 3 sides.