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  1. Engineering

    Serpent & Dove’s Modular-Mag system is an adaptable modular 24 v. DC Electromagnetic Lifter providing up to 46 Kgs WLL capacity per 150 mm of length.

  2. Food Processing Machinery

    Unwanted iron from welding and maintenance and many other sources, finds its way into most food and chemical products, liquid or solid. From corn flakes to chocolate; from printing ink to popcorn, most products are affected.

  3. Industrial Magnets

    Now available - and complementing our range and the options available to welding tradespeople, the patented Magswitch Magnetic Earth Clamp lets you make a solid earth connection to flat or curved steel surfaces

  4. Industrial Magnets

    Like having a third hand, Welders Magnetic Squares are the tidiest and fastest way to set up and clamp steel workpieces for welding.

  5. Industrial Magnets

    Yes - we are the ORIGINAL. We designed and made the Wonder-Wand way back in 1989 and it won the Product award at the Chicago Industrial Product Awards in the early 90's.

  6. Industrial Magnets

    Use MaxX series Permanent Magnetic Lifters to lift steel plates, rounds or tubes. There is no safer, more efficient way to lift steel with magnets than with MaxX Permanent Magnetic Lifters

  7. Industrial Magnets

    Small electromagnets are used in many industrial Applications, such as: Clamping and holding small parts in robotic or similar applications, Gate, lever, and door latches, Jigs, fixtures and moulds, Cool room doors and fire doors

  8. Industrial Magnets

    Clamp or hold small parts, tools, Allen keys, door keys and other items with these strong, handy magnets. Use for holding gates open or shut and many similar purposes.

  9. Magnets & Magnetic Products

    Not infrequently costly hole-boring equipment is lost or broken off in well and bore holes in both mining and oil drilling operations.

  10. Magnets & Magnetic Products

    Cables or hoses on the floor spell problems as they present dangerous trip-hazards. Cable-Safe from Serpent & Dove quickly gets them off the floor and out of harm’s way.