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  1. Engineering

    New Switchable Magnetic Clamps

  2. Bat-Grip Lifting Magnet
    Industrial Magnets

    A lifting magnet for places where no electric power is conveniently available.

  3. Magnets & Magnetic Products

    In three useful sizes with clamping capability of 68, 204 and 454 Kgs on 5 sides including three 'V' sides for improved clamping of round material. Mag-Mate Squares precisely position steel work-pieces for welding or other operations.

  4. Coal Preparation

    Heavy media processes employ media such as finely ground magnetite or ferrosilicon to adjust the density of water and separate products that float from product that sinks. .

  5. Cranes & Related Equipment

    Comprehensive range of Lifting Magnets for steel of all types; magnets and magnetic lifting systems to lift steel coils, slabs, plates, beams or billets safely and surely with energy-efficient Quadsystem permanent-electro magnetic technology

  6. Cranes & Related Equipment

    Lifting steel sheet is easier, safer and simpler with Mag-Frame from Serpent and Dove. Employing ingenious shallow-field, laminated magnet elements of Neodymium (Rare Earth) and/or Ferrite materials to lift and carry one sheet at a time

  7. Cranes & Related Equipment

    Use MaxX series Permanent Magnetic Lifters to lift steel plates, rounds or tubes. There is no safer, more efficient way to lift steel with magnets than with MaxX Permanent Magnetic Lifters.

  8. Engineering

    Serpent & Dove’s Modular-Mag system is an adaptable modular 24 v. DC Electromagnetic Lifter providing up to 46 Kgs WLL capacity per 150 mm of length.

  9. Food Processing Machinery

    Unwanted iron from welding and maintenance and many other sources, finds its way into most food and chemical products, liquid or solid. From corn flakes to chocolate; from printing ink to popcorn, most products are affected.

  10. Industrial Magnets

    Small electromagnets are used in many industrial Applications, such as: Clamping and holding small parts in robotic or similar applications, Gate, lever, and door latches, Jigs, fixtures and moulds, Cool room doors and fire doors