SEI Carbide Australia

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  1. Standard Dies
    Cutting Inserts and Tools

    Our range of Standard Dies includes:Dies for automatic machines, Dies for special materials...

  2. Standard Gauges
    Cutting Inserts and Tools

    Our range of Standard Gauges includes: Thread plug gauges...

  3. Standard Taps
    Cutting Inserts and Tools

    Our range of Standard Taps includes: Machine taps, Taps for automatic lathes...

  4. Sumitomo Products for Electronic Device and Tools
    Cutting Inserts and Tools

    Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal has been leading electronic industry world wide by supplying our advanced materials used for electronic device and tools.

  5. Carbide Dies
    Cutting Inserts and Tools

    Carbide Dies with ground and relief-ground thread, for red-brass castings and brass

  6. Granlund Monoblock Countersinks and Counterbores
    Cutting Inserts and Tools

    SEI Carbide Australia supplies Countersinks and Counterbores of the brand: Granlund.

  7. Granlund Spirabore, Piloted System
    Cutting Inserts and Tools

    A cutting tool system for heavy stock removal.

  8. Posithread Grooving Tools and Inserts
    Cutting Inserts and Tools

    The Posithread Grooving System offers the customer an economical and flexible method for a whole range of Grooving, Face Grooving and Parting Off operations by using the same toolshank and changing the Blade and Clamp.

  9. Posithread Solid Carbide Thread Mills
    Cutting Inserts and Tools

    Solid Carbide Threadmills have been developed for use on C.N.C. machines with the capacity to utilise circular interpolation.

  10. Big Daishowa CK Boring System
    Drilling & Tapping Machines

    High precision modular boring system. Great variety to cover all boring applications.