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  1. Educational & Training Providers

    Undertake concentrated and comprehensive training in the very latest theory and practice of auditing a Quality Management System (QMS). This course forms part of the five-day Lead Auditor course and provides a technical understanding of ISO 9001:... Read More

  2. Educational & Training Providers

    A three day accredited program for experienced systems professionals who need to research, plan and manage multiple compliance requirements within their business unit, organisation and/or industry. Systems professionals attending this course will... Read More

  3. Educational & Training Providers

    Dispel the mystery surrounding the terminology used in the internationally recognised ISO 9000 series of Standards for Quality Management Systems (QMSs). Gain a clear understanding of the ISO 9001:2008 Standard as the foundation on which to base... Read More

  4. Educational & Training Providers

    Discover how integrated and well-written procedural documents can help you to stipulate best practice methods for all business activities. Learn straightforward methodologies for developing policies, procedures and other support documents. Gain an... Read More

  5. Educational & Training Providers

    Build the practical skills and knowledge you need to develop an Environmental Management System (EMS). Discover the actions, tools and techniques required to implement an EMS including procedural and process information. Examine environmental risk... Read More

  6. Educational & Training Providers

    Examine how to develop an OHS Management System (OHSMS), focusing on the essential processes. Learn appropriate implementation procedures and gain insight into the experiences of a variety of organisations which have implemented an OHSMS. Click here... Read More

  7. Educational & Training Providers

    Facilitate your learning with regard to integrating risk and compliance management systems across an organisation. Build on your basic risk process knowledge and learn how to establish a framework for managing risk using Standard ISO 31000:2009 Risk... Read More

  8. Educational & Training Providers

    Gain a holistic view of internal auditing, focusing on theoretical aspects, with the opportunity to practically apply internal auditing processes which are suited to all management systems (including industry and best practice models). Click here... Read More

  9. Educational & Training Providers

    Gain an overview of occupational health and safety (OHS) theory and practice including the roles and responsibilities of key parties, relevant legislation and an introduction to OHS risk management. Click here for more information or call us on 1300... Read More

  10. Educational & Training Providers

    Gain an overview of the process for managing risk based on the new Standard AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009 Risk management - principles and guidelines. Examine the foundation of an organisational risk process. Click here for more information or call us on... Read More