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  1. Scissor Lifts - Dock lifts
    Scissor Lifts

    Safetech has dock lift designs for 1, 2, 4, 6 and pallet transfers and they feature the industries best boom gates and safety features.

  2. Scissor Lifts - Double and Triple - 1-3 Tonne
    Scissor Lifts

    Double and Triple Scissor Lifts Tables and Scissor Hoists provide users with greater scissor lift travel for a smaller footprint.

  3. Scissor Lifts - Double and Triple - 3 Tonne Plus
    Scissor Lifts

    Safetech's Large Double Scissor Lift Table range covers tables with longer travel and capacities up to 30,000 kg.

  4. Scissor Lifts

    Smartlift Scissor Lifts Tables and Scissor Hoists combine an extensive range of capacities, features and options to provide the factory and warehouse with lifting and work positioning.

  5. Scissor Lifts - Lifting and Tilting
    Scissor Lifts

    For many applications the best solution is a Lift table that can both lift and tilt. Safetech manufacture scissor lift tables with tilt decks that both elevate the load and present it to the operator.

  6. Lo Lift Scissor Lift
    Scissor Lifts

    With a capacity of 1000kg's and a low height of just 40 mm the LoLift can be used in applications where wheeled access onto the lift deck is essential or with high pallet loads.

  7. Scissor Lifts - Truck and Car hoists
    Scissor Lifts

    Safetech scissor lift tables are ideal for use as car hoists to transport a car from ground level to a basement of first floor garage.

  8. Tilting Table
    Scissor Lifts

    The installation of the Safetech tilter removed the need to tilt the Pallecon manually and improved the flow of the honey from the Pallecon saving them time & money.

  9. Scissor Lifts Range
    Scissor Lifts

    Safetech's large Scissor Lift Table range provides specialised scissor lifts for customers with large loads. These lifts include large capacity and very high travel lifts.

  10. Spring Operated - Tilt Stand

    Safetech Spring Tilter is an ideal way to fully and easily de-canter liquid from containers.