Safetech Pty Ltd

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  1. Lifting, Tilting and Rotating - DC Power Lifting Trolleys
    Lifting Equipment: Hoists

    DC Lift Trolleys offer 100 & 250kgs of lifting force at the push of a button.

  2. Lifting, Tilting and Rotating - Tilters
    Lifting Equipment: Hoists

    Safetech tilters are an ideal way to accurately and safely position work.

  3. Easy Arm™
    Lifting Equipment: Hoists

    The Easy Arm combine the power and ease of use of a G-Force with the simplicity of a jib crane.

  4. G-Force™
    Lifting Equipment: Hoists

    The Gorbel G-Force gives users the responsiveness and flexibility of a human operator plus the power of a machine.

  5. Goods hoist - Industrial
    Lifting Equipment: Hoists

    Robust, customised and simple to use they eliminate the ergonomic, safety and logistical problems associated with the vertical movement of large and heavy loads within factories and warehouses.

  6. Goods Hoists - Building Lifts
    Lifting Equipment: Hoists

    These lifts use a column mounted to the freight hoist skeleton to attach and elevate the lifting platform.

  7. Goods Hoists - Scissor Lift
    Lifting Equipment: Hoists

    Safetech's large Scissor Lift Tables are ideal for use as freight hoists / goods hoists where bigger platform size is required or where more than 4,000 kgs is being transferred.

  8. Goods Hoists - Self Storage
    Lifting Equipment: Hoists

    Many self storage centres use Goods Hoists to provide customer access to a mezzanine floor. This provide safe, effective access to customers and their goods for storage in upper levels

  9. Scissor Lift
    Materials Handling Machinery & Equipment

    Safetech are Australia's leading designer and manufacturer of scissor lift tables.

  10. Lo Film Wrapper range
    Materials Handling: General Equipment

    Lo Wrapper provides the unique benefit of machine pallet wrapping that is easily accessible by a hand pallet truck because of the low 26mm turntable height.