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  1. Tachometers

    SI Instruments - Microprocessor controlled measuring unit with LCD display for torque and rotation angle measurement. Application of 4100 MD 9000 - Portable Torque Analyser:

  2. Tachometers

    The Advanced Force Gauge (Mark 4) is the most versatile and fully-featured Digital Force Gauge offered by Mecmesin.

  3. Tachometers

    Basic Force Gauge - robust easy to use -excellent for shop floor.Mecmesin Limited manufacture force and torque gauges for quality control applications in manufacturing

  4. Tachometers

    Compact Force Gauge Pocket sized - light weight.Mecmesin Limited manufacture force and torque gauges for quality control applications in manufacturing. 200N/20kgf/45lbf or 50N/5kgf/10lbf Tension & Compression

  5. Tachometers

    Universal measurement amplifier for connecting passive and active force and torque sensors

  6. Tachometers

    Kistler Staiger Mohilo offer a complete range of individually engineered force and torque measurement solutions to suit test rig applications, research and development, production processes and quality assurance.

  7. Tachometers

    Torque testers are mainly designed for setting, testing and calibrating of manual or power torque tools. Rundown adapters are provided for use with power tools

  8. Tachometers

    Physical measurement can be used to determine many attributes of a wide range of containers. Seal integrity, openability, even perceived quality of a lipstick dispenser can be characterised by torque.

  9. Tachometers

    SI Instruments - The special design of DF-torque sensor makes it very suitable for many test rig applications. Test bed for engines, dynamometer, wheel load simulation, gear boxes and pumps are only a few possibilities. General

  10. Test & Measurement Software

    EasyPlot Software is a simple, yet powerful software program for logging, plotting and analysing force and torque data